We sometimes have some of our liposuction surgery patients call up to our plastic surgery office and ask “what happens if I don’t wear my garments after liposuction” and our answer if simple. The purpose of the garment is to give you support after your liposuction procedure. Not only is the garment supposed to make you feel more comfortable and help with the swelling, but it’s supposed to help with your overall results.  I find that if a garment is not worn as it should be, the liposuction patient does not get as good a result.  Unfortunatley, the patient may be left with contour irregularities, unevenness and are not as trim as they would like to be.

So my advice, wear your garment after your liposuction procedure, you’ll be much happier that you did!

By: Dr. David N. Csikai, M.D.