A lot of women wonder “how soon can I exercise after breast augmentation” and I tell my breast augmentation patients that it usually varies by person. I am a firm believer in early motion and stretching and recommend my breast augmentation patients do this – we do discuss this in our consults, as this varies from patient to patient.  By two days I like for my patients to be able to have their arms above their heads.  Now this doesn’t mean I recommend going to the gym two days after to excersise after breast augmentation surgery, I usually recommend them to ease their way into upper body exercises and running at about two weeks after a breast augmentation with a sports bra.  I have had women run 5K races at two weeks, so it is really an individual thing.

So if you are considerding a breast enlargement and are curious about how soon you can excersise after breast augmentation cosmetic surgery, I would recommend at least a two week period of rest and stretching before you decide to hit the gym with a workout. If you have any other questions regarding excersise after a breast augmentation, feel free to send our plastic surgery center an email or give us a call and we’ll be happy to speak with you!