Your initial consultation is a very important first step. During your initial consultation with Dr. Csikai, you will have an opportunity to explain why you are interested in plastic surgery, which procedure(s) you are interested in, the results you are interested in achieving, and also to ask any questions that you might have. Dr. Csikai will examine the areas of your face or body that you are interesting in improving or correcting and may take measurements. Dr. Csikai will also explain the necessary aspects of the procedure(s) that you are interested in, recovery times and the results you should expect.

After meeting with Dr. Csikai, if you elect to proceed, you will meet with our surgery coordinator who will confirm the decisions you made with Dr. Csikai and the fees and payment options associated to the procedures you have elected to proceed with. You may also need to be physically approved for surgery by a physician. And you will also receive detailed instructions about preparing for your surgery, smoking and any medications and supplements that you are taking or may need to take.